Humulene: Earthy Notes of Wellness with Loosiez CBD

Warm greetings, Loosiez community,

Our enlightening expedition into the world of terpenes within our premium CBD formulations introduces us to a rather distinctive member today: Humulene. This terpene, known for its subtle earthy and woody aroma, is reminiscent of the scent of hops. More than its fragrance,

Pinene: Breathe in the Essence of Forests with Our CBD Selections

Dear Loosiez family,

Continuing our enlightening journey through the terpene profiles in our premium CBD blends, today we introduce you to Pinene. As the name suggests, pinene brings the crisp, refreshing aroma of pine forests into our lives, but its benefits extend far beyond a pleasant scent.

Limonene: Elevate Your Senses with a Citrusy Boost in Your CBD Regimen

Greetings to our health-conscious community at Loosiez!

In our ongoing series dedicated to unveiling the natural compounds enhancing your CBD experience, today, we cast the spotlight on Limonene. This vibrant terpene is a crowd favorite, known for its refreshing citrus scent and its uplifting effects on mood

Myrcene: The Mighty Terpene Enhancing Your CBD Experience

Hello, wellness enthusiasts and loyal followers of Loosiez!

Today, we're spotlighting one of nature's most prevalent terpenes found in our clinician-grade CBD products: Myrcene. This organic compound is a cornerstone in defining the sensory and therapeutic attributes of cannabis, and understanding its role will deepen your appreciation

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