Elevate (CBD + THC Oil) 375mg CBD + 75mg THC

Discover the Loosiez distinction with our genuine hemp terpenes.

Elevate your day with our balanced hemp oil blend of 375mg CBD and 75mg THC. This tincture offers the best of both worlds – calming the body and sharpening the mind. Perfect for those moments when you need relaxation without completely letting go, or a touch of clarity amidst the chaos. We’re dedicated to providing you with quality, which is why we ensure careful cultivation and precise extraction techniques. With Elevate, expect a subtle lift and a sense of well-being, tailored for those aiming for centeredness in their daily life.

Note: When using products containing THC, it may feel unfamiliar at first. We recommend starting with the smallest dose and gradually adjusting. Always use responsibly and in good health.


Elevate Tincture

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