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Hemp flower (AKA CBD flower) is another term for dried and cured hemp buds, which is where you’ll find the highest concentration of CBD, minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytochemicals. 

Hemp flowers look and smell like marijuana because they’re technically the same Cannabis sativa plant — The main distinction between the two is the THC content, which is the main psychotropic cannabinoid in marijuana. 

According to the 2018 US Farm Bill, legal hemp crops cannot contain more than 0.3% THC, or it’s considered marijuana. Hemp crops are usually bred to contain higher levels of CBD, but they can come in similar terpene profiles for the same aroma and flavor profiles of popular marijuana strains. 

Hemp flowers used in pre-rolls and hemp cigarettes are treated differently than those used for extracts. Only the best buds are selected and cured to leverage the full flavor for an enjoyable smoking experience. 

CBD hemp cigarettes must contain less than 0.3% THC, which means most people don’t experience a high from smoking it.

The most common effect of smoking hemp cigarettes is a sense of relaxation and pain relief.

CBD Hemp cigarettes are technically pre-rolls — but they have semantic differences that make them two separate categories.

You’re buying a product that contains a hemp flower that’s conveniently rolled for you to smoke right out of the package. When most people think of “pre-rolls,” a cone-shaped joint with a paper filter comes to mind.

Pre-rolled joints look like your traditional plain jane marijuana smokes, whereas these CBD cigarettes look like tobacco cigarettes—minus the tobacco and other nasty chemicals.

Another distinction is that pre-rolled joints are typically hand-rolled, and CBD cigarettes are machine rolled. You’ll notice that when you smoke a CBD cigarette, it burns evenly and is much less prone to “canoeing,” where one side of the cigarette cylinder is burning faster than everything else.

There are a few pros and cons to using smokable forms of hemp as opposed to edibles, concentrates, or other forms of CBD.

Smoking hemp flowers is the fastest method of feeling the effects of CBD, and it’s one of the oldest applications of the plant’s use for medicine and ceremony. Most edible CBD products like oils and gummies can take upwards of an hour before you begin to feel it, unless you get a company that has “fast acting technology”, which can then speed up the affect to less than 15 minutes. 

When you smoke the dried herb, you deliver the active cannabinoids and terpenes into the bloodstream via the lungs within minutes, bypassing the digestive system and liver metabolism where many of the compounds are destroyed before entering the bloodstream. 

For many smokers, the act of lighting up a stick is often more difficult to break than the chemical dependence itself.

CBD has a calming effect that can help people who tend to smoke when feeling anxious, curb the habit of addictive nicotine cigarettes. Not only are hemp cigarettes less conspicuous as a rolled hemp joint, but they also feel closer to a cigarette. 

One study found that CBD helped to curb the cravings for nicotine cigarettes compared to the group who abstained from smoking.

Hemp cigarettes should only contain one ingredient, high-quality hemp flower. When vaping first hit the scene, many people believed it was a healthier alternative to smoking.

However, this theory has been debunked after a spike in vaping injuries and illnesses from bad vape juice formulas and devices. Some ingredients found in vape juices like vitamin E acetate are linked with lipoid pneumonia, which can be a fatal condition.


Big Moe (United States)
September 28, 2022
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A Fabulous product. Let me explain. I’m a cigarette smoker looking for help quitting. The smoking aspect is part of it. the nicotine is another. I have been told its easier to split that task in half. This product has been helping me get past the nicotine addiction. I still get to smoke what is essentially a cigarette with no tobacco and once I’m completely off nicotine I can decide to move forward and stop inhaling this much less dangerous smoke. I highly recommend it. The taste is smooth. The burn is consistent. Try it you’ll love it.
Evan Webster (United States)
October 20, 2022
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I tried one of these last night, super relaxing. Really easy on the throat, easier to inhale when it’s a roach than other herbal cigarettes i’ve tried after just lighting them! I felt really comfortable and it was very easy to fall asleep. They smell amazing too, very earthy, almost like pine. Calmed my body, and relaxed my mind as well. Will probably be buying more for myself or as a gift.
I Foster (United States)
September 29, 2022
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I am a wholesaler in the hemp trade and have tried many, many products like this. This product is made with premium hemp flower, most products are made with ground up "whole plant" which includes stems, twigs and everything else, not just the hemp flower, which is really the only part of the plant anyone wants to smoke.This is the best quality hemp cig I have ever seen or tried.
Matthew (United States)
December 4, 2022
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I quit smoking/vaping about a year ago, I've been doing well but with Autumn comes Stress and the strong urge to go back hit me like a truck. I found these and another option. I tried both. This was definitely the better of the two. These are a more realistic imitation. Size/weight/compact and have a good smoke that lasts long enough to actually accomplish a feeling of smoking. The first one or two, I felt like it did help calm me down. I don't know if I really noticed anything past that. The important thing is I had extremely strong urges to go back to smoking, using a substitute helped. Satisfied the oral fixation, which is a big part of the craving, not necessarily the nicotine. I actually found I didn't need them as bad as I did, just getting the action out of my system without adding the addiction back in - I think if I went back to nicotine I would be sucked back in, so having this as an option is definitely a better route. Granted I only smoked for about a year and then quit for a good chunk of a year, so I'm just trying not to go Back rather than trying to Quit.
Kimberly (United States)
November 9, 2022
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I guess I've been smoking ultra lights too long. I about hacked up a lung trying these. lol It certainly is not the fault of the product though. The smell is nice and they burn nice. I didn't really get any calming effect from this but that's all on me. It takes much more than this to do that. I just wanted to try these out. They seem of great quality and will probably be great for most folks out there. I will still give 5 stars as anything negative has more to do with me than the product.
Joel A (United States)
October 30, 2022
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First thing I noticed when opening the package is that they smell like weed, the smell doesn’t carry over to the smoke though. They use tips instead of filters which causes them to draw quite a bit easier than a regular cigarette. The smoke aroma is fairly close to a regular cigarette, the taste is good but if you draw to deep it burns the lungs similar to smoking weed. They look just like a regular cigarette and the experience is much closer to a normal cigarette than some other tea/herbal options.
Lady Love Dr (United States)
October 31, 2022
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These have a good natural flavor that I'm used to when it comes to this plant. They are smooth to smoke. I like that they come pre-rolled and ready to go. They do smell like the plant they come from so be careful and ready to explain if your around people who don't know you got the LOOSIEZ. You get 10 in a box. The box does say 0% t h c BUT it is actually 0.03%. So if you're expecting a test there's a good chance you're going to pop positive for the green.
Diamond NailzIt (United States)
October 30, 2022
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I usually smoke strong thc and these were very nice and discreet. No smell but very relaxing like thc would be. I didnt get high but a got a nice relaxed feeling without the head and body high of pure thc. These def got a lil green gold left in them tho and I’m not as at that at all. Much appreciated ! Definitely got a new customer
P.A. Collins (United States)
November 2, 2022
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These smokes helped take the edge off a rough day. They are a little strong, as to be expected, but definitely relaxing!
Donna Stevenson (United States)
November 1, 2022
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The effects are pretty much like cbd. Calming effects and pain relief. Does not have strong odor.
Erika (United States)
October 31, 2022
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These are actually pretty good, it does help calm my anxiety.
Harry (United States)
September 15, 2022
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I have been using them for a while now. They are top quality with a great taste!!
Sean Wayne (United States)
September 15, 2022
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Great customer service. Great product. Definitely recommended.

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