Loosiez Shines at Kosherpalooza: Nature, Science, and Kosher CBD

As reported by esteemed publications like JTA.org, TimesofIsrael.com, and TheYeshivaWorld.com, the first-ever Kosherpalooza was a landmark event that brought the dynamic kosher food industry into sharp focus.

As a family-owned brand, we were thrilled to engage with the vibrant crowd at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

Our core belief at Loosiez is in the divine healing power of nature. We honor this belief through our organic horticulture methods and cutting-edge extraction technologies. Cultivated in the sun at high altitudes in pristine environments, our flowers retain nature’s inherent goodness. This, combined with our solvent-free extraction process, ensures the purity of our products.

Kosherpalooza provided the perfect stage to showcase how we bridge the gap between nature and science. With our clinician-grade, over-the-counter products, we cater to a modern self-medicating world that is increasingly aware of the benefits of CBD and kosher food.

Our commitment to never include any isolates or artificial components in our products struck a chord with the attendees. Their intrigue and positive feedback reaffirmed our mission of bringing clean, natural, kosher CBD edibles to market.

Kosherpalooza was more than just a food festival; it was a testament to the evolving kosher food industry and the growing influence of social media in it. Being a part of this event reinforced our dedication to our customers and our resolve to continue delivering the best of nature through our products.

In reflection, our Kosherpalooza experience was a reminder of why we do what we do: to harness the healing nature bestowed by the divine, encapsulate it in our products, and offer it for the health and happiness of our consumers. We eagerly look forward to participating in future Kosherpalooza events, sharing our products, and celebrating the spirit of the kosher community.